Vision+ financing criteria

Vision+ Financing is between 50.000 – 500.000 EUR (75.000 – 750.000 USD), we also help to find customers and partners to accelerate revenue creation.

We finance only specific products, not companies or their equity.

Financing model is no-interest loan with revenue share.

The products we finance are

  • Digitally distributed
  • Monetization comes from consumers or the demand for product is consumer driven
  • Already on the market or ready to launch within 1-9 months from the investment
  • Generates instant cash flow after launch

We do finance

  • Games
  • Apps
  • Internet services
  • Marketing
  • Finalizing the product

We DO NOT finance

  • Pure R&D
  • Piloting and demos
  • B2B-software (ERP, CRM, etc.)